An Exploration of Honour (Honor)

Friday, February 17, 2012

On how to honor people

To Honor someone is recognizing them in a positive and expressive way for their contribution, example, character, valor, compassion, faithfulness, honesty, love, or generosity.  Many people seek honor in life but to return honor to others is uncommon.  To share honor is a meaningful gift that is unforgettable and life altering for the recipient.  Honor is a treasure desired by all people and a gift they never expect to receive.  Being honored brings a surprising, deep, even spiritual, fulfillment to people completing a circle inside them they don't realize is open. 

Honoring someone shares a story about someone's life - a reflection of a soul to be cherished.  A life is precious and eternal- honoring and magnifying the good brought from that life is like shining the noblest of lights.  When honor is expressed toward someone it raises the atmosphere.  To honor them creates a bright example for others to follow.

Much good can be had by all from honoring someone- and it is good for one's own soul as well.  Having the courage, patience, gratitude, and care to honor someone helps one focus on the best and most positive actions and character of another individual.

There are many ways to honor people and it doesn't have to cost money.  For example is a free site which will show you how to honor people and it has a great honor designer tool.  Honor someone and see what a wonderful and lasting impact you make on them- and it may just be something you never forget.

Honor someone - or honor several people!

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